Gala-Net Launches Tales Runner, an MMO Adventure Racing Game, in North America

Gala-Net Inc., a free-to-play online game publisher announced today that its highly anticipated MMO racing game, Tales Runner, will officially launch in North America. With commercialization on October 30th, players can visit the gPotato gaming portal to sign up and download the game client,

Tales Runner takes the thrill of traditional multiplayer racing, and injects it with fairytale inspired track designs and customization options of what an MMO would offer. This MMO racing game offers a unique experience for casual and hard core gamers alike in the world of online games; it is easy-to-learn, competitive, and has all the social aspects of an MMORPG.

Tales Runner has gained tremendous popularity overseas, and Gala-Net plans to build upon the momentum here with its North American release. “The concurrent user count for Tales Runner has been steadily increasing through Closed Beta and Open Beta, and the future of Tales Runner looks promising in the North American Market,” says Producer Alan Hardie. “Tales Runner has so much to offer that you can’t just assume that it is another racing game in the market, the social aspect and the involved community makes the game worth playing.”

Gala-Net plans to release continuous addition of new content to the game in ‘Chapters’ throughout the year, and with each release will come with a plethora of new maps, items and features.

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