Master and Hero Class System Highlights Massively Popular MMORPG’s “Version 10”

            SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Dec. 19, 2007 – After months of building up anticipation by its faithful community, leading free-to-play online game publisher Gala-Net today unveiled Flyff Version 10, a much anticipated update to one of the most popular massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) in North America.
            Flyff Version 10 introduces the new Master and Hero class system for players that have reached level 120.  One of the key features of the new class system is that characters can use the weapons and armor of any level.  They also are equipped with new skills unlike any currently in the game, as well as an expanded job system.  In addition, Version 10 incorporates an exciting new end-game dungeon and boss.
            “Gala-Net has a commitment to provide North American online gamers with the highest possible quality of content for free, and Flyff Version 10 is the perfect example of this dedication,” said Yoon Im, Flyff producer, Gala-Net. “Flyff’s new class system has some really fun features and the new dungeons are unlike any game’s community has ever seen before.  Flyff gamers will quickly find out that the wait was more than worth it.”
            With several elements that cater more towards long-time users, more casual players will also find plenty to enjoy in the new version.  Numerous new items have been added to the economy, as well as additional ways for more experience players to interact with and teach newcomers about the enhanced job system, which will enable gamers to attain a greater level of speed and playing style.
            Becoming one of the most popular MMORPGs since its debut in North America in 2005, Flyff takes place in what is left of the former Utopian land of Roika, where humans do battle against the fierce Masquerpets in an effort to reclaim the land and ultimately defeat the evil Shade goddess.  The game features stunning flying sequences, action-packed fantasy battle scenes, various playing styles, in-game upgrades, an extensive party system, elaborate character customization and massive community interaction.
            To download the free client for Flyff or obtain additional information on the game, please visit

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