SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Sept. 13, 2007 – Lead foot and trigger happy gamers can now access all of the frenzied and explosive excitement of Gala-Net’s high-octane free-to-play online multiplayer game Upshift StrikeRacer as the service goes live today.  To sign up for and download Upshift StrikeRacer for free, head to the game’s official Web site at

Upshift StrikeRacer is a free-to-play multiplayer online game, where the client download is free and many of the vehicles, body kits, accessory kits, weapons, finishes and special items can be bought only with the Reputation you generate by StrikeRacing.  Players hit the road in explosive races where machine guns flare, rockets fly and a quick trigger finger is just as important as a lead foot and a steady steering wheel.

Extending the game to the Web, Upshift StrikeRacer now also offers Upshift StrikeRacer Clubs, the most robust community tools available in a free-to-play game.  Players can form Clubs, network with friends, upload and share photos, share blogs, run polls and forums and keep track of in-game rankings and points. Each individual Club can have up to 50 members, and Clubs can align with other Clubs to create a guild-like network of up to 250 players each.  In addition, Clubs and their allies can declare war on other Clubs.  More information on Upshift StrikeRacer Clubs, which can be created by any StrikeRacer who is at least Level 10, can be found at

“Players across North America have enjoyed the content in Upshift StrikeRacer’s open beta, and we are excited to bring them the complete game as we launch the commercial service,” said John Young, vice president and producer, Gala-Net, Inc. “StrikeRacers now have unlimited free access to some of the slickest cars, most heinous weapons and trickiest maps available in an online racing and combat game.  They can also take that excitement out of the game and to the Web with the Club community services that are truly unmatched by any online game available today.”

In addition to the distinctive Club service, Gala-Net’s Upshift StrikeRacer’s live launch offers players:

  • 13 different vehicles – from hot sports cars to hulking SUVs to deft minis.  Customize and upgrade your ride with radical body kits, unique accessories, slick paint and crafty electronics packages.


  • Heinous bolt-on weaponry for explosive car-to-car combat, including the devastating Mauler gun, pyro-tastic Hellscorchers and Fireball cannons, hard-hitting Tomahawk and Sidewinder missiles and devious Freeze Mines — 16 ways to blast your way to victory.
  • A variety of race modes, including Time Attack for the solo racer, Racing mode for the speed demons and no-holds barred StrikeRacing for players to pit their driving skills and their arsenal against other drivers as they race and fight for individual or team victory.


  • More than 20 unique maps filled with short cuts, jumps, obstacles and road hazards.
  • Additional garage space, cars, weapons and special items and services available in the Upshift StrikeRacer item mall for gPotatoes, Gala-Net’s cash currency.


For more information on Upshift StrikeRacer, head to

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