Galaxy Online: Five Highlights

Galaxy Online is a fantastic strategy game developed by IGG set in the vast and endless universe, where players can develop their own galaxy, form fleets to invade other planets and much more. Now, let us introduce some of the highlights of the game briefly.

Mini Game Client
The size of the Galaxy Online client is about 20MB. It is very fast to download and begin your adventure. Despite the small file size, the game still features delicate graphics and amazing combat scenes, so this game is as convenient as if you were playing a web-based game with all the benefits of a downloaded client.

Six Available Factions Extremely Intense Competition
There are six factions available for players in the game. Each faction is allowed to attack hostile factions at will. In addition, there is one computer controlled faction – Galactic Pirates – which adds a random element to the intense faction competition. You may lead your allies to attack hostile factions, or you may be attacked by several hostile factions at the same time. Whatever the situation, the perfect faction design will give birth to never before seen intensity in an online game.

Strategy Overcome Controls
As a strategy game, Galaxy Online attaches importance to players’ strategy and tactics but not controls. Early when you begin to develop your first planet, you should consider carefully what should be done first, what should be done next, as well as every action you may take in the future. How should you gather resources the fastest? How can you develop a galaxy quickly? How can you form a strong fleet? Above all, you need careful planning and consideration. If you study the game again and again, only then can you become an expert Galaxy Online gamer.

Leisure Gameplay Not Wasting Time Meaninglessly
Once you have a perfect plan, you won’t need to spend much time in developing your planets. When you deploy your resources, you may even activate the Planet Trusteeship service and the server will help develop your planets even when you are not online. If you do not have much time to play the game, you can spend a few Mall Points to ensure you have a rich game experience, even if your time online is limited. So just make a plan to develop your planets and you will become strong in time.

Unique Plug-ins
There are some unique plug-ins available for players in the game. You may activate various plug-ins for convenience or introduce new mini-games through other plug-ins. You may even design your own plug-in! Want to make the game more fun? Well, it’s all up to you.

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