GameMasters/GameSages Win Over World of Kung Fu Players

[Shanghai, March 11, 2008] The World of Kung Fu (WoKF) GameMasters and GameSages offer the best in-game support of any of the current crop of MMORPGs, so say the members of the WoKF forums. In WoKF there is a special GM channel in which you can call a GM for help. Any GM on duty will reply to you in a short time by private chat. They will answer all questions about the game including those about quests, items, monsters, as well as basic information about the game and forums. The GSs are made up of veteran players picked by the GM team when the game was still in Closed Beta.  They are ready, willing, and able to offer help and advice that can only be acquired from long experience in the game.  With their rich experience, they can be very helpful to new players.  Both the GM and GS teams are noted for their efficient and warm-hearted service.

Unlike the GMs found in other MMORPGs, the GMs/GSs in WoKF are very visible and active in towns and popular leveling areas to provide support, deal with bugs, and ban bots. They also hold interesting events that add flavor to the game. Sometimes they act like Santa Claus giving gifts, other times they summon unique monsters for players to raid. They are really like living NPCs, providing a unique and positive game experience for all WoKF players.

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