GamepotUSA and Square Enix Issue Declaration of War for Fantasy Earth Zero Beta

GamepotUSA and Square Enix Issue Declaration of War
For Fantasy Earth Zero Beta


Gamepot (USA), Inc., the U.S. publishing division of Japanese gaming behemoth Gamepot, Inc., is pleased to announce the FANTASY EARTH ZEROTM Second Open Beta on March 17th, 2010. This Open Beta furthers the progression of our countdown to Day Zero, the launch of FANTASY EARTH ZERO.


To kick off the Opening Day festivities, Gamepot USA will be hosting a St. Patrick’s Day event. Players can visit the St. Patrick NPC in game to receive a four leaf clover with instant regenerative powers.


To find the location of St. Patrick in game, please visit: With the completion of the initial Open Beta, Fantasy Earth Zero will now feature permanent character progression, with no further character wipes.


“The uniqueness of FEZ has struck a chord with our players, we’re very happy with the results, and thank them for their support thus far” said Thomas Lee, Senior Director of Business Development. “Your kingdom will need more than the luck ‘o the Irish – Strategy, Skills and Superior teamwork is a blueprint for winning.”


In addition to the Opening Day event, Gamepot USA is hosting many events as they countdown to Day Zero.



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