Gamescom: What Am I Hyped For?

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Gamescom in Cologne Germany is where all the important gaming people go in September, showing off new and fantastic technology, games that are on the way out. Tournaments, teasers and demos. Cosplayers, professional gamers, VIPs and CEOS. Anyone who is anyone is there! Except for us; we’re covering it for you from the comfort of our offices and homes, because we love you. After digging through literal dozesn of videos, I’ve compiled a small list of things that I’m absolutely, insanely excited for. I hope you guys are keeping up too and are just excited as I am! There are games that made me roll my eyes in disgust, games that made my heart race with excitement, and game videos that are so goddamn stupid that they just made me smile in spite of myself. Honorable mentions include stuff like Blizzard: Most of their stuff was stuff we already knew, except the new Overwatch stage and the addition of Zarya to Heroes of the Storm. Let’s get started!

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Stuff I Am Hyped For:

  • For Honor: Holy. Shit. If this isn’t the prettiest damn game I’ve seen in years, I’ll eat my hat. It’s gorgeous, and though it probably doesn’t make a lot of sense, I’m just hoping and praying the combat won’t disappoint. Because this is one of the big stand out titles at Gamescom.
  • Civilization VI: I wound up being very disappointed by “Civs in Space”, but Civ VI is making some seriously bold moves. Shaking up the leaders, getting rid of some of the more generic, safe choices and putting some other historical badasses in here, I have never been more excited. Civ VI promises to be the learning experience that the franchise has always been capable of being, while being gorgeous mechanically sound. It’s probably in my top 3 most anticipated of this entire year.
  • Battlefield 1: I’m not a big shooter fan, because I’m not good at them. But Battlefield 1? A good WW1 game? Not even good, but excellent! Everything about it screams authenticity, it’s visually appealing, the guns and bombs, trenches and the beginnings of serious warfare. The “World to End All Wars” is going to really blow us away, if you will, with Battlefield 1. I cannot contain my excitement for so many reasons. A lot of people have made a big deal about the guy on the box being black, and I don’t really blame them. If he’s the main character for the story, I’m more vested in ever in knowing his role in the war.
  • Final Fantasy XV: Yes, I know it was delayed. I covered that here. But I’m still incredibly hyped. It’s different, but I think that’s what the franchise needs. If this game fails, then the franchise might be doomed, and I don’t want that. I want it to keep living and breathing as long as possible. The Final Fantasy franchise has been a love of my life since the very first game. I don’t want 2016 to be the year we divorce from each other.
  • Lawbreakers: This is a game that’s come a long way since our press trip to BossKey. I need to play more of this, and I’m really looking forward to its release. Cliff’s studio is a crew of amazingly hard workers and it’s going to be a blast, if the Alpha tests have been any indicator.

Watch Dogs 2 Creating Chaos

Less Desirable:

  • Watch Dogs 2: Okay, I’m not a big follower of this franchise to start with. Sandbox games in general do not appeal to me, and this game just feels like it’s trying to be Anonymous: The Video Game. LOOK AT HOW EDGY WE ARE. THE GOVERNMENT IS WATCHING YOU, et cetera. It’s far too edgy and cringey for me. Not even remotely excited.
  • Metal Gear: Okay, so they’re making a new Metal Gear without Hideo Kojima, the man that made the franchise what it is today. Does this make me mad? Nah, not really. I can understand the rage though. My advice would have simply been to make the game, change the title and the assets to not be Metal Gear but a new IP! Could have been great. But now, I have a feeling it’s gonna flop.

CoD Infinite warfare Spaceland Zombies


  • CoD: Infinite Warfare: Zombies. . . Iiiiiiinnnn. . . Spaaaaaaaace! Yeah. Zombies in space guys. That’s definitely a thing that’s gonna happen. It’s all I have to say. “They think CoD can’t be taken seriously? WE’LL SHOW THEM!” – MissyS 2016.

What do you think, guys? Are you excited for the next half of this year and next year in video games? I’m excited, but not about everything. However we’re gonna keep bringing you all the latest in Gamescom coverage!

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