Gigantic Launches First Major Update!

Gigantic - Exile in the North

I love Gigantic. It’s a fantastic and definitely unique Arena-style game, that’s almost a MOBA. You fight giant monsters with a team of fantastic heroes. It’s still being tested, so that it can be as good as humanly possible when it inevitably launches! However, it’s time for the first major, real update to the game! It’s called “Exile in the North”, and it’s very much themed around the wintery, frozen north. With it, we see the new hero, Pakko, the adorable, very huggable giant. Despite being huge and cute, he’s very agile, and is ready to throw hands [paws] against anyone who threatens his friends! He’s going to be a lot of fun to play, without a doubt. There are also quite a pile of wintery-themed skins for characters:

  • Pakko – “I’m Tido!”
  • Wu – “Mercy Gi”
  • Wu – “Shadow’s Chill”
  • Tripp – “Citadel of Frost”
  • Tripp – “Shock Therapy”

There are also weapon skins for Wu and Tripp as well, because of course! They received new skins, after all. There’s a bunch of quality-of-life improvements too, including for players who are forced to play out a match with quitters/afkers, in the form of bonus exp/crowns, which is going to make it quite a bit nicer because I’m no quitter. There are also lovely Hero Mastery skins you can acquire as you grow more and more proficient with a character. Want the full details? Just click here for more!

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