Global Agenda Battles Doom Commander This Halloween

Global Agenda Battles Doom Commander this Halloween



This Halloween level 30 players in Global Agenda can return once more to the Haunted Recursive Colony to wage war against Doom Commander and his minions of evil.



Doom Commander is launching an all out assault at the Oasis Checkpoint and level 30 agents must stand against this fiend to protect the cage of souls. This defensive raid mission offers tons of Halloween items and a special reward for anyone who manages to complete it! Rewards include various costumes including a brain in a jar, butcher knife, goat skull, devil horns, grimm hood, hockey mask, pirate outfit, pointy witch hat, pumpkin, shattered skull, and more. Of course famous heroes of the Global Agenda universe may be joining in for your battle against Doom Commander so hop into game and see what the action is all about before it comes to a crashing end on October 31st!

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