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Global Strike

NGames would like to invite players to team up and be the best in Global Gunfight. The world of First Person Shooters (FPS) is filled with exciting matches and team comradely. The flame of war never stops inside if you truly love FPS gameplay. Counter-Strike is a leader in the FPS Gaming industry. Because of the long-term success of this great client game Global Strike was created, the first 3D browser-based FPS without any client downloads.

Arena and Arcade Mode are two featured modes in Global Strike. Many gameplay modes are close to those in Call of Duty. NGames is releasing a few exciting features from Global Strike for players to enjoy! If you are love FPS classics then you better get ready for what we have in store for you.

Explosion Mode: Attackers need to use C4 to destroy targets and defenders need to stop those targets from being destroyed. Cooperation plays a huge part in Global Strike players will need to cooperate with their teammates in order to destroy targets while defending. In Bomb Defusal Mode, layouts with strategies are more important than skills and cooperation. Even a small mistake in map knowledge can lead to failure. Make sure to be careful and study the Map!

Mutation Mode: At the beginning of the game, 1-2 players will be selected to mutate after 15 seconds based on the number of players within the team. The mutants win by mutating all humans in a fixed time. Humans should attack and defend against the mutant chasing them. At the end of one turn, humans win if at least one human survives or all mutants are killed. Mutation in Global Strike has different factions and gameplay. Infect or be infected, kill or be killed, you will be faced not only with humans, but also with the terror of being chased by these ugly suckers.

Players will find maps in Global Strike that are very familiar to them, such as Abandoned Factory, Desert II, Drawbridge, Train Station, and Snow Fort. This familiarity can enable players to battle well.

Abandoned Factory: This factory was the production base of a large multinational chemical company until financial woes forced it to shut down. Due to continuing wars around the world, most countries have gone bankrupt. Thus, the world is controlled by the enterprises thriving from these wars.

Scientists were found working in the factory and armed soldiers strictly controlled the entrances. There were rumors that biological weapons were secretly being developed in the factory. To prevent biological weapons from damaging normal citizens, the secret development was forced to stop. Since then, the Abandoned Factory has becoming a target of people in search of biological weapons. The Abandoned Factory has become a fierce battlefield.

Desert 2: The uninhabited desert was once a launch site for missiles. When the war broke out, the avengers brought a great number of nuclear warheads from the terrorists. This was a threat to the conquerors, and created a shadow of darkness for everyone. The chief of the avengers promised that he would never wage a nuclear war. However, his chaotic leadership does not follow instructions and could destroy this world at any time.

Global Strike gives players more realistic weapons and more diverse combat styles. Although it is just a web game, its quality is even better than similar types of client games.

The first league of Global Strike will be launched soon! Join the heart-pounding and exciting gunfights in Global Strike with your friends during the official launch. The game has adopted a game engine that is optimized by NGames, allowing a real gaming experience for every player. Players can be free of downloads and join their friends within the game anywhere and at anytime!

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