Good Wine Needs Bush as Well

As the old saying goes, good wine needs no bush. Under the circumstance of high competition though, it will be more favorable to the product itself if appropriate promotion involved. So does Elf Online (, a good wine of online game.

Elf Online is a 2D MMORPG features polished graphics, fun gameplay and myriad of quests and treasure items. Spurning the monotonous gaming style, Elf Online creates a free and player-oriented gaming environment which enables players to forge their tailor-made outfits and raise their beloved pets.

Set in the confrontation of the Imaginary force and the Evil Darkness force in the Dreamland, players can assume as soldier, magician, scholar and rover to experience a tricky and humorous relaxation time in Elf Online. The game also features its Trick system, Pet system, Master & Apprentice system, Siege war system, and etc.

Trick System: Play trick on other players in game through using some special trick items and comic effect will be easily achieved.

Pet System: Hundreds of pets, 5 different attributes, versatile skill trees. Elf Online offers a brand new pet-raising mode for players.

Master&Apprentice System: Are you struggling uphill to level up? Find a master to help you. Work concordantly with your master and you will become great some days later.

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