Guild Launch Announces Exclusive Partnership with Artix Entertainment

Guild Launch

Guild Launch, the world’s leading guild hosting and community management platform, has become an exclusive partner of Artix Entertainment. This partnership allows all AdventureQuest Worlds players to instantly access their own customizable website at Guild Launch for their entire community website hosting needs.

“Artix is a forward thinking company that sees the value in focusing on building their game while partnering with Guild Launch to provide key community tools.” said Stephen Johnston, President and founder of Guild Launch. “Guild Launch will be embedded right in the game and this brings a whole new depth of features to the AQW community such as cross server chat, server rallying functionality and fully game-integrated user management with more to come over the life of the partnership.”

AdventureQuest Worlds is one of the most popular online MMO games, with more than 55 million registered users. Combining forces with Guild Launch allows both entities to provide these players an experience they’ve yet to have with this game. From giving them additional team communication channels, providing a single rallying point allowing them progress further and faster in-game, plus a true place for their team to call home, this partnership will take the out-of-game experience for all these players to the next level.

“The AdventureQuest Worlds team is dedicated to creating the best MMO experience on the web, and Guild Launch’s services will bring our players closer together and give them more tools to dominate the game,” said Adam Bohn, CEO and founder of Artix Entertainment. “It is a win-win for the players of AdventureQuest Worlds and everyone involved in the team-up!”

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