Heroes Charge Gets Legendary Start to 2015

Heroes Charge Legendary Shadowleaf

Heroes Charge, uCool’s popular free to play MOBA/CCG, has released a major new update for January that adds legendaries, private duels, and more!

Legendary quests can be unlocked at level 90 & Orange. After beating the final boss, heroes will be transformed into a Legendary version with super-powerful skills. The first of the Legendary heroes available are Admiral, Shadowleaf, Drunken Master, Lightning Master, and Tusked Storm, along with special skins in the merchant store. These heroes should add a challenging twist to upcoming battles and showcase the talent of the truly elite.

Crusade now has a Fast Raiding feature, and players who have longed for some one-on-one can now enjoy private 1v1 friend battles! Challenge your rivals and learn from your friends in this fun new mode.

Heroes Charge Legendary Admiral

Three new heroes also debut with the January update:

  • Phoenix – A midline strength-oriented mage with AoE damage output who revives from fire with his second skill. Phoenix is the January check-in hero who can be earned simply by playing seven days this month.
  • Hidden Needle – A templar assassin with the ability to instantly deal a significant amount of damage from the midline.
  • Disease Bringer – A backline mage who can heal the team during PvE battles and summon a powerful hellfire monster to fight for him.

“We’re so happy to be delivering hundreds of hours of fresh content each month. Community feedback has been amazing. We’re currently #1 in over 120 countries with over 200,000 player reviews rated 4.5 stars, and over 7 million players!” cheered Jim Ngui, Producer, Heroes Charge.

Heroes Charge will also be featured on NVIDIA’s Twitch channel during “Inside the Industry,” hosted by Natalie “ZombiUnicorn” Casanova, on Wednesday January 21 from 3 to 6pm Pacific. Heroes Charge developers and high ranking players will be sharing top strategies and showing off their tactics in live gameplay on NVIDIA Shield.

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