Heroes in the Sky: Might of Luftwaffe Launches Today

Heroes In The Sky: Might of the Luftwaffe Launches Today




Leading online game publisher, GamesCampus.com (www.GamesCampus.com), has announced  that its latest update for popular MMOTPS WWII flight combat simulator, Heroes in the Sky, Might of the Luftwaffe,  is now live.  This new update brings big changes to the game including new raids, modes and resolutions (the visual kind, not the New Year’s promise kind!) and much more.  Players can take to the air starting today to check out all the new content for free at http://HIS.GamesCampus.com.



This latest update delivers four big changes for the pilot in all of us:

Two New Raids – Adventure and intrigue are ready to greet players with two all-new raids: the “Conspiracy Within the Iceberg” brings players back to the ongoing story of the SILF, a shadowy organization of Super Nazi’s that threaten to conquer the world!  Or, explore the North Sea and uncover the latest diabolical plot in “Chase of the Frozen Sea” where it’s up to players to defeat the great new weapon of the SILF.



Racing Mode – Gentlemen start your engines!  Players can now race their friends and enemies through the deadly twists and turns across the Canyon Map and prove to everyone, once and for all, they are the greatest pilot to ever take flight!





New Resolutions – Players can now enjoy Heroes in the Sky like never before with resolutions up to 1377 by 768!  Pilots can see more of the field and feel more of the battle as the skies open up before them.  Never before has it been easier to spot a target and bring the pain!



Mercenary Plane Tree – Take a spin down the all new mercenary tree! All the convenience of premium planes in a friendly free package!



“This is an exciting update for us because it brings a lot of great changes that players can really utilize and enjoy in a game they already love,” said Uyen Uyen Ton Nu, head of Marketing for GamesCampus.  “So, as players get ready to settle in for some much needed gaming time this Holiday season they can take to the skies and experience some great new features as we all get ready to make the leap into 2012!”


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