Heroes in the Sky Open Beta Begins!

Heroes in the Sky Open Beta Begins!


GamesCampus announced that the open beta for Heroes in the Sky, will launch Thursday, July 1ST, 2010 at 10 a.m. PST.

The open beta for the highly-anticipated MMOTPS, (Massively Multiplayer Online Third Person Shooter) WWII flight combat simulator will allow players access to the entire game.  All players are welcome to join in the open beta at http://HIS.GamesCampus.com.

Heroes in the Sky Open Beta Begins!

Heroes in the Sky is an aerial combat game that features hundreds of thrilling war planes and fast-paced action taking place above the battlefields of WWII.  New and existing players are invited to participate in the open beta and gain access to the entire WWII third-person shooter.

“During our recent closed beta test we received an amazing amount of feedback from players, we have paid close attention to suggestions and feedback to provide players with a premier gaming experience in Open Beta,” said David Chang, EVP of Marketing and Business Development for GamesCampus.  “With the start of the open beta, we are excited to open the game up to everyone as they discover the intense action and take part in some of the most exciting battles in history!”

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