Herokon Online: New High-Level Areas & Cursed Cave Now Available

Herokon Online

Developer Silver Style Studios has expanded Herokon Online, adding the Bodir Valley, once ruled by the mysterious priest-kings, and Daspota, the infamous pirate den. Those brave enough to explore the Cursed Goblin Cave should only do so in groups: an unfathomable enemy lurks in the depths of the new dungeon. In addition to many other exciting enhancements, the update introduces two new enemy types and an improved chat client. It also continues the epic quest series, adding new chapters to your hero’s story.

Overview of Other New Features

  • Two new enemy types
  •  New rewards for heroic deeds
  •  New Heroic Deed menu: rewards can be collected whenever you want
  • Possibility to invite friends and to receive rewards for doing so
  • Chat client now features separate tabs for individual conversations

You’ll find more information about The Dark Eye – Herokon Online and about the update on the official website: www.herokon-online.com .

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