HEX: Shards of Fate Unleashes Primal Dawn

HEX: Shards of Fate Unleashes Primal Dawn

Gameforge and HEX Entertainment are today releasing ‘Primal Dawn’, the fourth set for the trading card game HEX: Shards of Fate. This latest expansion to the TCG places the emphasis once more on competitive gaming, following the huge campaign release at the start of 2016. Future updates to HEX, which is now also available for free on Steam, will alternate regularly between PvE and PvP contents.

More Accessible PvP Tournaments
Players taking part in the new progressive gauntlet PvP mode “Evolving Sealed Gauntlet” get to put their decks together from a pool of common and uncommon cards plus booster packs. The special thing about this tournament form is that after the first and third victories, players receive an extra booster pack to expand their existing decks.

More Cards for the Kingdom
Primal Dawn introduces 325 new cards to the fascinating world of HEX. Eighteen legendary cards, such as the Angel of Agony, Bloombringer or Xentoth’s Malice, put the spotlight on multi-shard mechanics as well as constants. Constants work similar to actions, but their effects are persistent and the cards don’t wind up in the crypt once brought into play. Joining the new cards is the new card ability ‘Empower’, which unlocks new possibilities and opens up tons of great potential combinations. Activating this ability doubles all of a card’s values – including the resource costs, attack and defence stats, as well as the card text effects themselves.

Of Dwarves and Heroes
Alongside the new cards and keyword, this expansion brings six further heroes to the fold for players to choose from, allowing them to turn the tides of fate and take full advantage of the multi-shard mechanics. The dwarf mage Morgan McBombus, for example, can summon a Bumblebot directly to the playing field, whilst the coyotle cleric Raven Talon gains one health whenever a troop is played.

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