Hounds: The Last Hope May Update Available

Hounds: The Last Hope May Update Available
Netmarble EMEA is excited to announce improvements via the latest content update of Hounds: The Last Hope. The patch brings a Sub Mission Update, three PvP Maps, and New Challenge Level Missions. Also Netmarble has increased ‘Legendary Find Rate’ for Random Boxes.
You can find what is included in the updates in further detail:
Sub Mission Update
Street Map will be added to the game with a new patch. Users can play this map to reach 2,000 Kills in Challenge Mode. In order to earn more gold than other maps, you better try this. (Challenge Mode).
Warning: Players cannot earn new items after completing this map.
Three New PvP Maps
This patch brings three new PvP maps for Warzone, Sabotage, and Close Combat Modes. Names of these maps are; Underground Waterway, Train Station, and Closed Factory.
New Challenge Level Missions
All Challenge Missions and Intermissions in Hounds have new bonus Challenge Level Quests and rewards. Completing these bonus missions will award new rewards at every turn. Don’t forget to visit Town to take your brand new quests.
Random Box Drop Rate Changes
The rate of Legendary Find Rate for Random Boxes has been significantly increased. The overall rates of legendary items are increased three times for all available Weapon and Armour Random Boxes.
Click here to check the special page for Hounds: The Last Hope May Patch.

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