Injustice 2: What Do You Want?

I have NO idea!  But there are some things I’d like to see in the game. I’m not very good at the Mortal Kombat style gameplay, but despite that, I do love a good fighting game. And the cast of characters for the original Injustice was pretty varied; every hero had a foil, et cetera. But I don’t know that they gave it as much thought as they could have. I have a few suggestions that maybe they’ll see, or maybe not.  Is it too late? Probably! But that’s okay, that won’t stop me from having an opinion. The biggest one I want to see?


Booster. Fucking. Gold.  You heard me. BOOSTER GOLD.  Now, a lot of people see him as a joke character. A gimmicky loser like Dan in Street Fighter. But let me learn you some Booster Gold. He wanted to be a hero SO BADLY that he traveled back in time, stole some powerful equipment from the museum he worked at, and went back in time, armed with knowledge of the past to prevent crime and be a hero. Sure, Doomsday beat him like a cheap hooker, but for a game that’s going to be grimdark and edgy, we need that bastion of humor and good nature. That said, make The Flash funnier.  Speaking of The Flash, how about Gorilla Grodd? He’s an amazing villain, and would have a great wall bounce moveset.


While I’m glad to see Supergirl [I am, honest], you know who else I’d like to see? Power Girl. And not for the reason you’re thinking; perverts. But yes. Power Girl is well drawn. But she’s such an interesting character, probably the most interesting out of the Kryptonians, in my personal opinion. Speaking of female characters, how about the Huntress?  My favorite villains in the DC Universe are not represented at all.  The Riddler. Larfleeze, the Orange Lantern. What about Mr. Mxyztplk? His kit would be hilarious! There are so many things that could happen in Injustice 2, so it’s time to do some speculation! Who would you want to play as? Other realities? TV show versions of characters? The possibilities are endless! Sound off below!


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