It’s Time to Get Suited and Booted in Ratz Instagib

It's Time to Get Suited and Booted in Ratz Instagib

Samuel Elphick, Community Manager for Rising Star Games, supplies us with all of the juicy details about the latest Ratz Instagib update and informs us of the sale that’s currently underway! Take it away, Sam!
“Greetings friends,
Fragging opponents with supercharged railguns in Ratz Instagib isn’t only satisfyingly fun but will now earn players a range of loot to customize their Rat for their battlefield endeavors. With the ability to equip multiple pieces of gear players can truly make their ratz unique with items of varying rarity. With each game players will have a chance to score a loot roll which will spin the wheel of destiny rewarding the player with gear ranging from Common through to the ultra-rare Legendary items, which can entirely alter the appearance of their Ratz avatar. Be the envy of your f(r)iends when your avatar snapshot is displayed on their killcam or whilst you parade around the winner’s podium at the round’s conclusion!

There have also been some changes made to streamline the online matchmaking in Ratz Instagib. Duel, Deathmatch and Freezetag game modes have been selected as the flagship ranked game modes. From our events, Freezetag has always been the most popular and exciting team game, so we wanted to guide everyone looking for a team experience to these modes. A number of changes were made to Freezetag to keep it dynamically balanced throughout the match and extra cover has been added in this game mode to support more defensive playstyles. Frozen teammates are now visible through solid objects and feedback is given when you are unfreezing them to further encourage teamplay.


There are also a few bonuses that join the latest Ratz Instagib update.
First, from May 22 through May 26, players can pick up Ratz Instagib for 33% off on Steam. Second, if players type in ‘pcgamer’ on the main menu screen they will be able to unlock an official PC Gamer shirt for their Rat to wear!
Third on our list, players who acquire duplicate customization items can sell them on the Steam Marketplace. And finally, there is also a very rare chance of obtaining the Golden Ticket from the loot system which could win players a (REAL) Mad Catz Gaming mouse! For more information on how to win, stay tuned to the Rising Star Games social channels!
Until then, we’ll see you on the Rattlefield!”
Ratz Instagib is available now through Steam early access, and is on sale for a limited time from May 22 through May 26:
For more information we encourage players to read, Ratz Instagib creator, Lino Slahuschek’s developer notes on the Ratz Instagib Steam store page:

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