June 18th update: Feel the hack&slash frenzy with the Colosseum mode!

Infinity fans can’t stop fighting! Colosseum mode is about fighting to death!

The Colosseum mode is a very high challenge for the fierce fighters. You will enter a special arena where you will face successive waves of mobs. Below are some details about the mode and its rewards.

  1. Mode up to 4 players
  2. Time attack system: your objective is to clean the arena within the limit of time to access next round (you fail if time is over or if you die)
  3. You can compare your ranking in Colosseum mode. Try to beat the time attack champions!
  4. Special feature: if you fail before round 5, you start again at round 1. If you die between round 6 and 10, you have the choice to start again at round 1 or use the Colosseum ticket and restart from 6° level. This ticket is available in item shop.
  5. Rewards:
    1. Luna coins: the more round you pass, the more Luna credits you get
    2. Runestones
    3. Potions

This new content will be added to the game on June 18th

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