KingsRoad: Introduces Second Monthly Event, Ice Cycle Event and More


KingsRoad, the multiplayer action-RPG from Rumble Entertainment that delivers full-featured RPG depth, visuals and gameplay instantly in browsers, today announced the Ice Event Cycle, the second monthly in-game event for players to participate and earn unique items in KingsRoad. With the Ice Event Cycle comes all-new Appearance items for players to earn, as well as a revamped store that allows players to swap duplicate items for in-game currency to unlock the weapons, armor, and items they desire.

All new Ice Event Appearance items are now available for players to continue customizing their KingsRoad hero; with unique, ice-themed unlockables to equip and journey through the Icy Ruins and the Glacial Cavern on their way to conquering exciting new areas and enemies. Appearance items can be equipped over existing gear slots, adding an additional stat boost and creating a hero unique to each individual player without sacrificing the power and stats of the gear you love.

The Ice Event cycle kicks off today and will run until Wednesday, June 25th.

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