League of Angel: Fight Against Evil, Guard Justice in New Events

League of Angels is back this week with a fully packed schedule of intense events filled with great rewards!

Mount Exclusive

This round of the Mount Exclusive event is a great one, with powerful mounts such as King Alabaster, Mecha Tyrannosaurus and the Moonlight Unicorn all available this time. As one of the top browser games, If you are new to League of Angels, Mounts are a great way to boost your Battle Rating, add new skills and support your party with. The Mount Exclusive event is the surest way to earn these powerful new mounts. This event will run from November 10th to 12th. Don’t miss this one!

House of Cards

When it comes to getting new heroes, you definitely need to check out the House of Cards. The way it works is that players collect combinations of cards to unlock the latest heroes, as well as even more powerful evolved heroes. A powerful hero on your team can turn the tide of any battle.

Angel’s Quiz

Seraph’s stones are extremely useful in LoA when it comes to upgrading the skills of your angels. This edition of the Angel’s Quiz has a ton of prizes for the smartest players out there!

Be sure to stay tune on the latest LoA news to make sure you don’t miss out more great events!

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