League of Angels: New costumes and events now available

GTArcade is ending April on a high note by releasing new features, and re-releasing some old features, for their latest MMORPG League of Angels. The great new Dragonblood Drapes costume will be released, a new resource tycoon event will be put in motion, and the group buy feature returns.

The Dragonblood Drapes costume not only looks great, but also offer incredible bonus stats to all players that own it! The Dragonblood Drapes give insane bonuses to HP, physical attack, magic attack, physical defense, magic defense, and agility. Players can win this costume by participating in the new tycoon event.

The new resource tycoon event sets players on a race to gain to the most in-game resources before the end of each day until the end of the event. Players gain points for collecting the many in-game resources such as runetones, soulstones, blessed stones, and element crystals. Each day the point leaders will receive great prizes including a 1st place prize of the aforementioned Dragonblood Drapes.

If you’re new to the group buy feature then you’re in for a treat! The group buy feature allows players to buy valuable items at a discount and gives a chance to obtain the rare wolf mount, Lycorax. The more people that buy a particular item, the cheaper that item becomes. If a player buys an item a price higher than the final price, they will have the difference returned to them! Additionally, each purchase will reward players with 1 lucky number. If this lucky number is drawn at the end of the event, the player who owns the lucky number will win an amazing 5000 Diamonds of in-game currency.

For more info, visit http://angel.gtarcade.com

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