League of Legends Presents Expanded Co-op VS AI

League of Legends Presents Expanded Co-op vs. AI



League of Legends New Bots


The latest update from Riot Games’ League of Legends will shortly be arriving and a vast horde of new bots will be making their debut on the Fields of Justice. Ouch!



From the previous total of 12, now over 40 revamped bots will be available for players to test their skill against. This, much wider variety of enemies are not only stronger in number but arrive boasting augmented map awareness, teamwork capabilities, a new flair for skillshots and, for the first time ever, the capacity to use activatable items.


League of Legends Better Bots


What’s more, players will be able to enjoy these spicier Co-op vs. AI matches on both Summoner’s Rift and Dominion’s Crystal Scar maps, giving players the chance to battle it out against a larger variety of enemy team compositions featuring more intelligent and more strategically competent bots than ever before. Dominion Mode will see the new bots upping the ante even further by seeking out speed shrines, collecting health relics and even acquiring storm shields!



By narrowing the gap between cooperative combat and true PvP against real players, League of Legends proves once again, that a players experience is paramount and that variety is indeed, the spice of life…



Also in League of Legends news this week, Riot has shown us a glimmer of the upcoming champion, and it’s a yordle!  Ziggs the Hexplosives Expert will be shaking things up in the League shortly, and we’ll have more information on this champion next week!

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