League of Legends Reveals Taric: The Shield of Valoran

One of the OG champions, League of Legends has long promised a revisit to the Gem Knight Taric. Now at last that wait is almost over, as Taric has been reborn with a new kit, new audio, new lore, and improved flowing hair! He’s playable now on the public beta environment but below you can catch his abilities.


League OF Legends Taric Rework

Passive: Bravado

Taric infuses his next two basic attacks whenever he casts an ability. He swings faster with these two attacks, which deal increased damage and reduce his cooldowns.

Q: Starlight’s Touch

Taric heals himself and all nearby allies based on the number of Starlight’s Touch charges he’s stored. Taric generates up to three charges over time.

W: Bastion

All of Taric’s abilities are simultaneously cast from both Taric and his linked ally.

Passive: Bastion increases Taric’s armor.

Active: Taric links with an ally, shielding them from damage. Bastion remains on Taric’s ally until he recasts it onto another ally, or the two move far enough apart to break their link.

E: Dazzle

After a brief delay, Taric fires out a short wave of celestial energy in a target direction that stuns all enemies struck.

R: Cosmic Radiance

Taric calls on the stars themselves for protection. After a moderate delay, he and all nearby allies become invulnerable for a few seconds.


Taric Rework Collage

Catch videos of his ability and recommended playstyle in the rift on the official reveal page!


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