Legions & Legends Revealed By Azra Games

Legions and Legends Key Art

Azra Studios has revealed its debut title this week: Legions & Legends. As described in the announcement blog post:

“Legions & Legends is a collectible and combat RPG, set in an uncharted galaxy where magic and technology collide. Here, powerful civilizations, as yet unknown to Earth, are embroiled in an eternal war. You, dear player, will be among the first to venture into the fray in your own bid to become a legend. Your time has arrived, call your legion forth to battle.”

Azra Games’s talent includes CEO Mark Otero, known for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, and former Electronic Arts talent Michael Noriega and Neel Upadhye.

This summer, Azra Games will release its “Genesis Collection” NFT series, minted on Ethereum: in-game assets that can be used to generate resources for the upcoming battle experience to be launched at a later date. The Genesis Explorers serve as the guide to the world’s lore, looking to claim relics from abandoned battlefields of an ongoing galactic war.

Later this year, players will be able to deploy their explorers on Exploration Missions and discover elements used to craft legendary combat units. This will be the first permanently playable content of Legions & Legends, and the gameplay will continue to evolve from this point.

To get a glimpse at Legions & Legends, visit the official website.

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