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Let's get down to business. . .

Let’s get down to business. . .

Not everyone plays MMOs, but the vast majority of people have at least tried one, and/or found one to enjoy. I was asked a question last week that I wanted to really sit down and consider. They put it up to me that there are two types of MMO player for the most part, and asked me to think about which one I was. There’s the MMO Pioneer, and the MMO Scavenger. But what are these? The MMO Pioneer is going to be there on day one, and loves the competitive nature of MMOs. He’s going to do his homework, research on Reddit, either gets into every beta test for it, or will have the footage/information from it from dataminers. He dominates the game, or at the very least tries to, and after the challenge has ended, he moves on to the next game. Rinse, repeat. The MMO Scavenger is the guy who waits for things to settle down, get balanced, and then for F2P games, stuff to go on sale. Once the game is less buggy, the population is down, then they arrive and really just enjoy the exploration of the game. Even more than social interaction, they enjoy the experience of the game.

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So I really had to figure out if I fit either of these molds. I have to say that I’m not! I’m a social interaction MMO player. I enjoy working/grouping with others, meeting people, and then getting into the challenge of the game. But if I had to be a part of one of those, I’m definitely in the MMO Pioneer camp. I love exploration and the experience of the game, but I want to know as much as possible before I really get down and dirty. I want to know as much as possible, so I’m not surprised by a challenge later in the game. I definitely fall somewhere in the middle though. Because I’m willing to start day one and explore as much as I humanly can, to immerse myself in the experience. It depend on who I am playing with also. I have friends that are very casual, and friends that are horrifyingly competitive. When we speak of MMOs, and not just those, but Fighters and anything else that’s competitive, how do you handle it? Are you someone who likes to just have fun and explore the game, or do you get in there with as much knowledge as you can to crush everyone?

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  • Endathel

    Used to be the pioneer, got my black battle tank and then after lich king I became the latter. I enjoy both playstyles but wish social interaction was as forced as it used to be, miss those days.

  • Herschel Pilcher III

    I would fall squarely into the last camp. I’m not really much for dealing with people and I prefer to do things on my own, with my own abilities and experiences. I don’t necessarily go looking for guides on what is best for this class, or that class… (I play what I find enjoyable like Arms warrior back in BC when they were ass.)

    I also don’t really find MMOs all that suitable for me as a play anyway -because- I don’t really do the social interaction deal. But I will say I enjoy the lore, exploring strange undiscovered places and find new and interesting new lifeforms to kill and eat (Power to the Forsaken!)

  • Zachary Culpepper

    I was very strongly in the Pioneer camp for Star Wars The Old Republic. And got burned. The game fell through, promises weren’t kept, and now its main story is essentially single player. But im also not so much a Scavenger. I will only play a game that I’ve heard a fair amount of praise for. I don’t mind dropping $10-$15 on a subscription to a F2P game to see what the benefits are. But at the end of the day, i always end up back with WoW. Im still waiting for the new thing that will replace Azeroth for me.

  • Jestra

    I’m a pioneer, it’s all about progressing faster than everyone else(even if it’s just my server) and putting out the better numbers, I was known to switch mains between patches because another class would pull higher dps than me, on that same note though I also had a max level of damn near every class so I was able to fill whatever role necessary to keep the raid going, yeah I used to take Wow to serious

  • Mike Guzman

    Well I think I lean more towards the “Scavenger” type.