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So, I recently posted a video here, promoting Master X Master, and the latest character to join the fray: Statesman. That’s THE Statesman to you plebs. Who is he, though? He’s the titular character, the main hero of the City of Heroes/Villains games. He’s their Superman, Captain America, the representation of the majesty of a hero. When I saw he was coming to the game, my emotions went through a variety of phases. First, elation: I love City of Heroes! The Statesman? What a great choice, probably the greatest IP owned by NCSoft! Then confusion: Why would they announce Statesman? They haven’t used City of Heroes for anything since it closed down! Then sadness: Who am I kidding? They aren’t teasing a City of Heroes 2. They could. . . they should! But they won’t, as far as I’m aware/concerned. Why is this, though? The only other big comic game that’s currently live is DCUO. DCUO is fun, don’t get me wrong and while I enjoy it, it lacks something, some spark to really make it jump to the forefront. City of Heroes had that something. The closest game that would challenge it is the isometric Marvel Heroes 2016. I love it, but it’s not an MMO at the end of the day. It’s not my character I’m playing, I’m playing someone elses’ character.

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I have so many fond memories of City of Heroes/villains; friends that are no longer with me, friends that I made through the MMO itself. I remember fondly first becoming friends with a group of people from my Community College around the time the game came out. We all got together and started playing! We bonded as a group. We created a group of Gentleman Boxers, who only had ridiculous names and only used fisticuffs. We wandered the city and doled out justice; justice of the Fist. We had so much fun, and then we could become villains! Not all of us did it, but I sure embraced it. It went further, though! They introduced the ability to switch sides! You could start off as a hero, betray them, and go rogue! Oh, it was just the best. It wasn’t the prettiest MMO ever, but could you imagine it with modern animation/technology? Can you fathom how wonderful it would be? People that say, “Oh, I’ll never play an MMO again” would come back. City of Heroes 2 is a game we need. It’s not because “Oh, it’ll be a WoW killer”, because that’s stupid, but that’s not what we’re talking about today. That’s a terrible mentality to have. Back on track, I’m greatly disappointed that there is no more City of Heroes, and I have seen the #saveCoH tag on Twitter, and I strongly approve of it. You guys have the power to make something great. Sure, you make a lot of fun f2p games, but what about one of the most fun MMOs to ever exist?

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It’s not too late; Hell, it’s never too late. There are so many comic writers, creators, content developers that would love to help work on City of Heroes. I can think of a few people right off the top of my head that would probably leap at the chance. The MMO scene isn’t so heavy with popular games right now either. There is a pile of free to play MMOs that are pretty good, some of them aren’t so good…Would I pay to play City of Heroes again? Even if it’s the old version of the game, of course, I would! But I’d also rather see a new one, an improved game. Comics have changed in the last ten years, and so have MMOs. So, NCSoft. Do the right thing, yeah? At least consider ressurecting a franchise that could make quite a pile of money! And it would also make tons of fans happy. With that, I leave you as a humble fan.

Do you guys have a favorite Hero/Villain you made? Drop it down there in the comments!

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