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Let's Talk: Preorder editorial

I read an article today that says “Preorders are not as important as they once were“. This actually made me laugh a great deal. Why? When I was a kid, when the major consoles were just NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, and even the Turbo Grafix 16. . . Who preordered? Anyone? That wasn’t a thing that happened. Layaway happened, but that was for consoles! Pre-Ordering is a modern creation, that video game stores use to get money a little early, to maybe get an idea of how big a game is going to be. Maybe that’s not the only reason, I’m willing to accept that I’m wrong. But that’s how it appears to me. What happened to having faith in a title you develop? Besides, preordering literally does nothing for you. It doesn’t help you at all, as the consumer. We didn’t do this when we were young, why the hell are we doing it now?

The best you get out of it is maybe some extra content, a bribe for giving them early money without a product in your hand. That’s what you’re doing: Giving them money and getting nothing in return. I used to preorder, mostly to make sure I didn’t spend the money, because I’m not always good with mine. So, I’d put the money down to make sure when the title came out, I’d have the game. It gauges interest in the title for them, and maybe, in theory, helps them decide what games to get behind and what not to. But what about retailer-exclusive DLC!? That’s one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. And I’m willing to bet most of that stuff will be available a little later, with some patience. So what does a preorder get you? Something shallow and useless in most cases. I used to be all onboard, but as I got older, I really rethought my stance on them. If I can’t afford it when it comes out, I probably don’t need it right then anyway. I just don’t believe I should give my money to someone and get nothing in return at all. And I understand that Gamestop runs on these. I have a lot of friends that work at that establishment; I’m not saying you guys are awful, bad, or vile. You do your job, I can’t be mad at that.

Where do you guys stand on preorders? Does someone know something I don’t? You probably do!

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