Lineage II is Now Available on Steam

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NCSOFT West announced today that Lineage II, the wildly-popular fantasy MMO, is now available on Steam. Launched in North America in 2004, Lineage II celebrated its 11th anniversary in April 2015, making it one of the longest-running MMOs in history.


In celebration of the game’s anniversary this spring, NCSOFT West released the game’s Infinite Odyssey expansion, demonstrating the company’s dedication to creating new content for this revered franchise. Lineage II continues its rich history as it moves into yet another year of operation in North America, now reaching a wider audience of players by moving to Steam.


“After over a decade of success, we couldn’t be more excited to bring Lineage II to Steam, a natural next step as the title continues to gain fans in the West,” said Jeff Pabst, vice president of Commerce, NCSOFT West. “The introduction of Lineage II to Steam allows NCSOFT West to reach millions of active users on the platform and access its lively community of MMO fans.”


A fan-favorite, Lineage II is well-known for its ability to keep the gameplay fresh, continually bringing in new skills, quests, areas, and characters to its world. The game’s arrival on Steam brings additional content specific to the platform including 9 trading cards, five emoticons, five profile backgrounds and a profile badge with six stages of evolution.


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