Lords Online: New Server and Free Newbie Packs

Lords Online: New Server and Free Newbie Packs

With many new and improved features, version 1.6 of Lords Online is attracting more and more new players every day. To cope with this steadily growing population, the Lords Online team has decided to launch a new server on December 23rd. For players looking for a fresh start or joining the game for the first time, this is a great opportunity to build an empire that will be the envy of your peers. Just don’t forget to bring some friends along to help you make your mark on a new world.


As awesome as it is to run your own personal empire, it’s even better to get free stuff. To celebrate the new server launch, the Lords Online team will be hosting a “Newbie Packs Giveaways” event for a full month. During the event, players can claim keys they can exchange for a valuable Newbie Pack in-game.


Event Duration

December 23, 2010 through January 23, 2011


Free Stuff

Each Newbie Pack contains 50 Game Coins, 1 Building Permit, 1 Production Permit, 1 Recruitment Permit, 1 Large Resource Package, 5 Chips, 1 Flag Note, 3 Small Revival Cards, and 5 Small HP Potions.


If you’re ready to become a lord among lords, log into the new Lords Online server starting December 23 and grab your free Newbie Pack!


Visit the official website for the latest details on Lords Online events and the new server.

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