Mabinogi to Introduce New Alchemist Skills

Mabinogi to Introduce New Alchemist Skills


Mabinogi’s upcoming content update will bring an entirely new Alchemy skill set to the game and give players the opportunity to experience a new way to strengthen their attacks and defense.  The new skills, Life Drain, Water Cannon, Wind Blast, Ice Mine, Barrier Spikes, and Summon Golem can be learned by doing the Alchemy storyline.

The skill, Life Drain, allows players to steal their enemy’s life and replenish their own and is especially advantageous during battle. Water Cannon is more effective as an enemy deterrent when battling in close quarters.  Much like the Water Cannon except with wind, the Wind Blast helps a player knock down an opponent and gives them time to escape.

Unlike Water Cannon and Wind Blast, Ice Mine results from a new Alchemist skill and can be installed on the ground  like a booby-trap and will freeze any opponents that get close to it.

Barrier Spikes can be set up as temporary protective barriers against enemy attacks.  As the enemy attacks the barrier, it loses Durability and will disappear once Durability is depleted.  As long as the enemy doesn’t decide to go around the spikes or beat them down, it’s a good way to keep up a barrier and prevent harm.

Players who learn the Summon Golem skill can summon golems of different power levels depending on their individual skill rank.  The player who summoned the golem will be able to control it and inflict damage to their opponent.

Mabinogi - New Content Update Coming

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