Magic World Online: New Server

Magic World Online has witnessed the enthusiasm players have shown over the anniversary activities. To mark the height of this anniversary, a new server is going to be released at 19:00 June 26th. It is named Saga. Inspiring as the name is, the new server expresses the wish of having more players enjoy the world of MWO and existing ones continue to create their own hero stories over the journey.
As usual, a host of new events will be held on the new server, such as Double EXP from 19:00 June 26th to 23:59 June 28th in server Saga. What’s unusual this time is players can be covered by 20/7 online services; as we just expand our GM group which will be there to provide novice services in a timely manner. All players could just ask your questions in system channel in the game and our GMs will answer them as soon as possible.

Magic World Online

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