MAIET Entertainment Releases KingdomZ


MAIET Entertainment Inc., announced the global launch of its new mobile title, KingdomZ, on App Store and Google Play.

KingdomZ, the second mobile title developed and published by MAIET, is an innovative mobile strategy simulation game. In its creative battle system, players’ units are controlled by simple touch-and-draw controls as if players are drawing directional lines on the strategic map. While more and more strategy games are emerging since the success of the genre, KingdomZ will approach gamers with the concept of controlling units just like how it is done in desktop version of RTS games using the interface extensively optimized for mobile devices and the sophisticated battle system where each unit countering one another.

In KingdomZ, there are 9 different hero units each having 2 unique active skills and more than 280 single play missions that provide both in-game and premium currency, Gem. Players will be encouraged to battle against and plunder from other gamers from all over the world with no particular geographic limit. Also, the game is designed to be played in portrait (vertical grip) mode which makes it more ideal for mobile phone users.

Currently, KingdomZ supports English and Korean on, and it has been released on Google Play. However, iOS version that supports iPad and iPhone will also be released in the following week. The game does not require any registration, but it supports Facebook linking for data back-up and multi-device support.

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