MapleStory Europe: Knights of Cygnus make their entrance!

August 5, 2009 – MapleStory Europe has been updated with a new major content update.
The patch adds an entirely new set of classes called the “Knights of Cygnus” and brings a whole new storyline to Maple World.
The Knights of Cygnus characters are available for all players at every level and once enlisted as a knight, players start over at level one and need to complete their training and a few exciting adventures to reach level 10 to select from a set of five new jobs: Soul Master, Wind Breaker, Flame Wizard, Night Walker or Striker.
The Knights of Cygnus were recruited by Goddess Cygnus to defend Maple World from the evil Black Wizard, and are called to the game’s new map “Erev” for their trainings and missions to keep Maple World peaceful. Following their own story line within the game, Knights of Cygnus characters can advance up to 120 levels and make use of various and exclusive new features such as new sets of skills depending on the character class.
Today’s update further includes numerous events celebrating the launch of “Knights of Cygnus” and the opening of the new server “Demethos” at the same time.

MapleStory Europe - Knights of Cygnus Join Maple World

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