Master-Apprentice System Intro

Master-Apprentice System Intro

The Master-Apprentice System is one of the best systems in Elf Online ( Both master and apprentice will benefit from this relationship. The apprentice is going to earn a lot of exp, sp, money and some items (level 20 armor chest, level 40 weapon, some plus-calcium potatoes and more); the master earns virtue points when the apprentice finishes his quests, and those points can be exchanged by sp or some items.

1) How to be a master/apprentice?
In order to have an apprentice you should be at least on 45, and your apprentice should be on any level below 40 (but the apprenticeship will last until the apprentice completes all the quests)

2) How to start a mastership/apprenticeship?
Go with your master/apprentice to Carefree (1400, 1292) or Wulong (1912, 1044) Village. You should be in a party with your master (and only with him) and the master should be the leader of the party. Talk with Muddled Doctor, click on "Establish Master-Apprentice Relationship", them will pop up to the apprentice a question, asking him if he accepts the master or not.

3) The Apprentice’s quests
There are 4 quests that the apprentice needs to do:

1- A questionnaire (at any level).
The apprentice needs to answer 5 questions. The answers of the questions are:
1)Manufacturing 2)Keen, soldier, magic, assist, control 3)Alt+H 4) this one i still dunno the answer :/ 5)30 secs

2- A questionnaire (at level 20)
The apprentice needs to answer 10 questions. The answers of the questions are:
1-sorcerer 2-1 an hour 3-1-3 higher 4-ts1 ep1 5-11 6-Control 7-phantom city 8-2 times 9-i dunno the answer 10-24 hours

3-Kill Snake King (at level 30)
The master and the apprentice must kill the snake king together (may have another ppl in the party).

4-Change Job (at level 40)
The last quest is to help the apprentice to change his job.

If you’re a new player, try to find a master, to level up quickly and earn a lot of good things.

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