MechWarrior 5 Invites You To Become Your Own Weapon

Picture this: it’s the year 3015. Humanity has not only survived, but thrived, colonizing thousands of star systems across the universe. In the wake of this expansion, war has once again seized the human race.

War may be hell, but you know how to profit from it. You’re a mercenary, and you know how to become your own war weapon. Your BattleMech is both a reflection of and an extension of yourself. You’ve carefully selected every weapon, every piece of tech. You couldn’t ask for a better partner on the battlefield.

Step inside to the world of MechWarrior 5.

MechWarrior 5 is more than a military shooter. You’re in charge of an entire Mercenary company, and that means you’re responsible for hiring MechWarriors, obtaining and maintaining your fleet of ‘Mechs, and keeping up your relationships with the Great Houses of the Inner Sphere. After all, you want the best Contracts for your company. There’s nothing else like it.

Previously an exclusive title on the Epic Games Store, MechWarrior 5 will be released on May 27, 2021 on Xbox Series S|X, Xbox One, GOG, and Steam (PC). At the end of May, you and thousands of others will be welcome into the latest of the classic ‘Mech battling series!

This platform release means that MechWarrior 5 will have crossplay enabled on all systems, including co-op DLC, achievements, and full gamepad support. All of this is in addition to the Campaign, Instant Action system for isolated missions, and the endless gameplay available through community mods – all available for free as part of a base game update that goes live with the crossplatform launch.

MechWarrior 5 Step Inside Promo

Additionally, May 27 marks the launch of game’s first DLC. Titled “Heroes of the Inner Sphere,” the DLC will offer a brand new career mode with an expanded Inner Sphere map and multiple career paths to explore. Discover seven new ‘Mech chassis, new missions, and new equipment and weapons including Chem Lasers and ECM (Electronic Counter Measure). Plus much more!

You can find MechWarrior 5 on the Microsoft Store, Steam, and GOG.

Find out more and begin your journey on the official game website, and connect with the MechWarrior 5 community on Facebook.

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