Metin 2: March Madness event

G4BOX Inc. announced today a special March Madness Promotion with new channels for its servers and special gifts for new players of its popular MMORPG, Metin2.

Beginning March 4th, G4BOX will be adding two additional channels to the NEW WORLD Server and one channel to the FREE KINGDOM Server.

Players with newly registered Metin2 accounts on the NEW WORLD Server are eligible to participate in the special March Madness Promotion.

All new players who create a character on the NEW WORLD Server will receive a sixty hour equitable EXP Ring (which increases the EXP by 50%), a thirty day Emotion Mask (which allows players to dance, kiss, cheer etc.) and a ten hour Thief Glove (which will increase the item drop rate by 50%).

“We are excited to kick-off the Spring season this year with this special March Madness event,” said Howard He, Chief Executive Officer of G4BOX. “The new channels for our servers and special gifts are a great way to invite new players to join the loyal fan base of Metin2.”

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