MixMaster Updated 2008

MixMaster Online website will go through some major updates in Feb ’08. The website will have a brand new look with new designs aimed more western style. With new features such as slide menu, dynamic tableless design, CSS layout and independent server time display MixMaster game play will be more convenient than ever.

To celebrate the new website, MixMaster players are given some great events to enjoy.

  1. Treasure Hunt Event (28th Feb 08). There will be 20 clues hidden inside the website, players are to decode these clues to find treasures! Although all contestants will win prizes, 1st player to deliver all 20 clues will win a Major prize.
  2. Mystery Mix Formula: For 2weeks, MixMaster will include some mystery Mix Formula which all players will try to unravel. This will be a good chance to get that Monster you always dreamt of!
  3. Core Drop Rate 200%. For 1week, players will have the help of extra core drop rate to enjoy the Mix Formula hunt.
  4. Items Sales. 5items such as Valor’s Guide book will be up to 50% to help players Mix the Mystery Monsters.

As well as this, the brand new Synergy System will be introduced in Feb. This is a new system which will enable players to upgrade their noble Henches. More on Synergy system will be revealed in weeks to come!

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