MLB Dugout Heroes: Major Update Coming October 8th

To celebrate the hottest month in baseball, MLB Dugout Heroes will introduce tons of new content changes coinciding with the Fall Classic.
To celebrate the hottest month in baseball, GamesCampus will introduce tons of new content changes coinciding with the Fall Classic in its popular online baseball game – MLB Dugout Heroes.

Among the new features are a new console style menu, a minor league system, an enhanced bench system, new team logo bonuses and a brand-new stadium.

Both new and current players can check out the new features starting this Thursday, October 8th. 

Dodger Stadium
The newest stadium in MLB Dugout Heroes is here!  Dodger Stadium has been the home ballpark of Major League Baseball’s Los Angeles Dodgers team since 1962.  Dodger Stadium is currently the third oldest ballpark, and one of the biggest in Major League Baseball, behind Fenway Park in Boston and Wrigley Field in Chicago!

New Console Style Menu
The new Console Style Menu layout is more common to players who are familiar with console style presentation.  Console sports games use this vertical style option with a portion of the screen dedicated to individuals who are great ambassadors for the respective sport.

Minor League System
The Minor League System makes a smooth transition from retirement to replacement. The new Minor League System allows players to groom their players of the future while using their present players.  Players can assign up to nine pitchers in the Minor Leagues, up to three per concentration: Balanced, Flame Thrower (Increased Fastball Growth Rate) and Finesse Pitcher (Increased Breaking Ball Growth Rate).

Players may assign up to twelve Minor League Batters in the Minor Leagues, up to three per focus: Balanced, Power (Increased Power Growth Rate), Accuracy (Increased Bat Growth Rate), Run (Increased Run Growth Rate).

Enhanced Bench System
Players can ensure their bench players are doing more than just growing old on the bench.  They can customize the way each player earns EXP and all Bench Pitchers have only one type of growth rate.  All the Pitchers in the designated slots will receive 80% of pitchers’ default EXP.

Bench Batters have the option of selecting one of five growth types; Power, Bat, Run, Throw, or Defense. Batters in the designed slots will receive 80% EXP of the following positions; 4th Batter in Lineup (Power), 3rd Batter in Lineup (Bat), 1st Batter in Lineup (Run), Catcher (Throw), or Shortstop (Defense).

Team Logo Bonus
Using the Special Team Logo, players will receive a bonus for the amount of past players of a specific team they have in their lineup.

User’s who recruit past players of their favorite teams — using the new Team Specific Draftcards — will receive bonus stats for having those players in their lineup.


MLB Dugout Heroes - Big update coming October 8th

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