Myth War II: Newbie Guide and Client Update

Myth War II (, the new sequel to the classic MMORPG from IGG (, continues the tradition of excellent play and an exciting community of players. Today the Myth War team is going to talk to you about their plans for helping newbie.

Getting depressed at your low level? Finding that monsters are always defeating you? Are you racking your brains for a way to level-up quickly? Maybe it doesn’t help that so many of those attractive Item Mall objects are out of your reach. Don’t worry, we’ve decided to open up the Item of Item Mall for newbie players. Once you reach a certain level, we will make certain items available to you to help you improve quickly.

For example, when you reach levels 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50, you can go to the Mall Promoter in Woodlingor (x 216, y 177) who will give you items that can help you improve quickly, for free! Items include: Source of Life, Source of Magic, Double-Experience Roll, Double-Talent Scroll, Devil’s Tear, Convenience Store and different shape-shifting cards.

These items are untradeable and characters can only receive them one time, when they’ve reached the appointed level. For more details visit the official website:

Besides, Myth War II has been upgraded to version after the regular maintenance on July 4th. Players can visit the below link to download the newest client:

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