Mytheon: new details about its starter zones


Today Mytheon released the first details and screenshots focusing on three of the many unique environments in the game.  This newly released information will provide you an in-depth look at the legendary environments you will encounter when you first enter the game.
Players will travel to the distant land of Colchis, once home to the famed Golden Fleece, now protecting Argos. Two distinct regions form the land of Colchis – the cast Fallow Field and the Grove of Ares.
Jason and his Argonauts braved many dangers there to claim their prize, including an epic battle against the Colchian Dragon who guarded the fleece. Since their victory over the dragon, the sacred grove has become infiltrated with fierce warriors of Ares, the god of war. The dusty furrows of the Fallow Field are dotted with the skeletal remains of dead trees; now home to carrion creatures that prey upon the unwary. Remnants of a city lie just beyond the field’s borders, long abandoned by its inhabitants and now overrun with diabolical beasts. What was once a thriving marketplace, surrounded by the homes of the townspeople, now lies uninhabited. 
The Shattered Isle
The Shattered Isle is home to Poseidon, the supreme ruler of oceans and earthquakes. The isle is also home to Amphitrite, Poseidon’s beloved wife, and their son, Triton. Together, the family forms a triad symbolic of the ocean’s tranquility, treachery, and unrelenting dominion. These qualities are reflected in the domains over which they preside. The island features a diverse geography; from craggy, impassable cliffs to rolling meadows and gardens. While Amphitrite resides in the peaceful Nereid’s Garden where the sparkling ponds and fountains reflect the tranquility of the sea, Triton presides over his namesake cove amidst the foam and crashing surf. Within the Temple of Poseidon, the vengeful sea god prepares his minions for the coming battle with mankind. The skeletal remains of past invaders lie half buried in the sands surrounding crumbling columns and scarred boulders. Waterfalls cascade down stone ledges, casting a fine spray that coats the rocky surfaces and foliage.
The Dominion of Hades
The Dominion of Hades is the epicenter of Hades’ power in the Underworld. From this dark, luxurious palace, Hades and his queen, Persephone, rule the Underworld without mercy. The Dominion of Hades is a monument to death and destruction. Home to the immortal god of earthly wealth – Hades, lord of the dead, rules his realm with an iron fist. Gloomy corridors and cavernous halls exude an eerie sense of foreboding to those who would risk entry within. Divided into three great regions – the Hall of the Dead, the Garden of the Furies, and the Court of Hades, Stonecasters must embark deep into this fiery stronghold and face perilous legions of undead monsters in order to confront Hades himself, his power enhanced within his own domain.
Developed by Petroglyph, Mytheon offers a unique online game play experience that combines the best elements of the Action-RPG genre with strategic combat and collectability. Players will challenge legendary mythological gods by wielding potent and unique “Power Stones” that transform into spells, structures and creatures.  Players can loot, forge, buy, sell and trade these stones among a thriving online community, then cast the stones during epic battles that play out in a visually stunning 3D mythological world.
Mytheon - Zombie Town
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