Mytheon: new details on the three main character classes.

Upcoming online multiplayer action-strategy game Mytheon announced details and new images of the three unique character classes; the Warcaster, Elementalist and Eidolon.
Foolish are those who face the battalion of the Warcaster: commander of minions and soldiers.  The Warcaster’s vigilant devotion to the Companion Stones has designated him with the utmost Power over those who possess mere knowledge.  When these stones are in the hands of the Warcaster, kindred strength does not lie in numbers.Under his constraint, the Companion Stones conspire together, bestowing vital enhancements to stats and abilities.  The Warcaster’s ability is often put to the test when allied with or faced against an Elementalist, whose area effect spells can cause massacre with a single burst.
Should there be one fortunate enough to weaken the Warcaster, he must then usher cross-class healing stones or potions to maintain long-term survival.  With creatures bowing to his every bid, the gods will soon face a worthy challenger.
Torn between their obedience to the High Priestess Pythia, who presides over the Oracle of Apollo, and their obligation to the peril of mankind, the Elementalists made the fateful decision to abandon their posts in the Temple at Delphi to aid humanity’s fight against the gods.  A natural prudence to the preservation of the world has blessed the Elementalists with powers to wield the building blocks of nature.
The Elementalists bear the ability to shatter grounds, steer lightning, combust flames, and stir calm waters.  Subtle strikers from afar, the Elementalists benefit from combining the elemental Spells that they command.  Relying on Mytheon energy, they face the decision (perhaps ‘challenge’ instead of decision) to strike precisely or not to strike at all.  Elementalists prefer to fight their own battles instead of relying on companions to guard them.  They utilize the elemental tools such as the lightning rod for added attack and defense power.  Enemies should not know an Elementalist is in battle.until they notice a flash flood headed directly towards them a split second before their demise. 
Egyptian scholars strive to discover alignment between the earth and the heavens by finding correlations between the ordinary and the extraordinary.  How ordinary men created such extraordinary pyramids, we shall never know.  Perhaps this battle for mankind implored the souls of the Eidolons, whom Amon Ra had created to spy on Greece.  
The Eidolons possess the capacity to gain enhancements and abilities by utilizing the power of all stone types.  After learning of their power, they agreed to help the Greeks fight their gods so that they could return with their stones and help the people of Egypt.  They spend sleepless nights studying their stones in order to have the perfect combination to cause destruction upon foes while rejuvenating injured allies.  The Eidolons can master the ordinary powers of the stones easily.but releasing potentially extraordinary power is the ultimate challenge.

Mytheon - Male Elementalist blowing things up

Mytheon - Male Eidolon unleashing the power of stones on his foes

Mytheon - Male Warcaster Commanding his Minions

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