Navy Field Europe plan to launch Submarine this summer and big May Updates and Events.

Navy Field Europe is preparing the nice 1.126 patch with many changes and new content to play on 22th of May. Submarine is on the progress of developing and it could be early of this summer.

Update News!

1. Super BB/ Super CV!
There have been the Lion II, Super Yamato, Montana and H44 as the big bullies in Navy Field. But not anymore! Queen Victoria, Nebraska, Amagi , Kaiser, Midway, De Grass will rule the waves as the biggest bullies and they will conquer the oceans. Many high level players now have the challenge to acquire and launch these monster ships.
Super BBs: Queen Victoria, Nebraska, Amagi, Kaiser
Super CVs: Midway, De Grass

2. Normal Room Boost 140% and Select Mode Boost +20% more!
The Exp gain rate in normal rooms will be increased by 20% as an Event.
In normal rooms, you can define your own ship class limitations with the option of configuring a level minimum and maximum and with special options like "no torps" and “no escort”.
Furthermore we increase the Exp gain rate for Select Mode to 90% of GB. The Select Mode provides classified games for CA and BB, CV, and DD and FF only, and on top of that better EXP!

3. CV UI Improved!
We have upgraded the commands for using aircraft carriers.
A player can now manage the aircrafts squad, load and return of the selected aircraft squad and the number of aircrafts with using only the keyboard and mouse.

4. Seaman upgrade!
Who didn’t use a seaman in the past? Now you can use the Seaman better than before, because the ability bonus of the Seaman will be increased.

5. Regular Party Weekend!
Sometimes boring, sometimes hard to level…
Join in the Party Weekend and get an increased Exp gain rate and other bonuses!

6. Clan War Event on the Website!
Until the 15th of June fleets can challenge other fleets to rise up in the fleet ranking!
You can set your own rules, and the best 4 fleets will come into the last round to find out who is best!
The semi-finals will be held on the 21st of June, the battle of the 3rd place and the final on the 22nd of June.
Don’t miss out, because you can win a model ship, Navy Field crystal, premium subscriptions, premium ships and a lot of credits.
We hope you will participate with your fleet!
Have fun and good luck!

7. Premium CL/ CA fixing!
You know the well-known bad factors of some premium CLs and CAs. They will get better speed and better guns.
Furious and Asama will get a triple gun and Tiger and Bayern will have more speed on the waves.

8. Many of bugs are fixed!
NFEU is trying to fix well-known bugs and this patch will have many fixes for bugging situations.
Come and check the details on our website!

9. 2nd Server preparation is in development!
NFEU decided to add 2nd server with an English name and hope many of the English speaking players will join this new server. NFEU will expand it’s advertisement all over Europe and we will try to make more people join and have even more fun on this new server.
Timer is started and the new server will be added sooner or later according to the current server-population.

Upcoming Big New Content Expansions!

Submarines are in development and will be launched this summer. Submarines will be slow and be the killer of many a BB.
NFEU has strongly suggested to launch submarines in Navy Field, even from the start of the service in EU. Finally our Developer accepted to develop and launch them and it will be soon.
We are very pleased to have this new content for our users and will keep up to expand our amount of content for better service.

NF World War Event
Just like last year’s Event, NFEU will have a chance to join this Event and the preliminary league will start around July. We hope many of our users can have a chance to fight against veterans from other servers.
The EU final battles will be held in Leipzig at the GC Event and NFEU think many people can have a chance to meet up with other NFEU players.
Join and accept the challenge to become Europe’s best Navy Field Player and try to be the world’s best player!

Add new nation Ship packages.
NFEU received some information about the Nation-Packs and there can be a good chance to have many additional ships in Navy Field.
This new project has just been started and NFEU will keep informed you about the progress.

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