NCsoft and ArenaNet announce the Guild Wars 2 Guardian Profession

NCsoft and ArenaNet announce the Guild Wars 2 Guardian Profession


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NCsoft and ArenaNet announces its Guardian profession today for Guild Wars 2. The Guardian calls upon powerful virtues to smite enemies and protect allies. The Guardian is the definitive support fighter, both offensively and defensively. With a mastery of combat weaponry at his disposal and virtues such as Justice, Courage and Resolve to employ, the Guardian is both a worthy adversary and instrumental ally. The Guardian can also bring his own special skills to aid in the support of his allies and the defeat of his enemies.

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The guardian is a devoted fighter who calls upon powerful virtues to smite enemies and protect allies. As dangerous with a staff as he is with a mighty two-handed hammer, a true guardian is a master tactician who knows when to sacrifice his own defenses to empower his allies to achieve victory.


Each guardian is supported by passive benefits, but he can relinquish those benefits, passing his powers on to his allies. This ability makes the guardian an excellent supportive fighter whether they are leading an assault or defending your party’s flanks.


Guardians have developed three virtues that empower them in combat. By wielding Justice, the guardian’s attacks can burn his enemies. With Courage, the guardian can shrug off even a mighty blow. Through Resolve, the guardian passively regenerates health, allowing him to wade into the most dangerous situation and come out alive.


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Guardians also have a number of special skill types:


Spirit Weapons—The guardian can summon spirit weapons to fight at his side for a limited time. Spirit weapons cannot be attacked by enemies and can be commanded to inflict a powerful attack before disappearing. For example, Hammer of Wisdom can be summoned to fight alongside a guardian, then commanded to knock down an enemy and vanish.


Symbols—The guardian places symbols on the ground, where they inflict damage to enemies or deliver a benefit to allies. Symbols persist for a few seconds and then go away. For instance, Symbol of Faith is a hammer attack that leaves a transient symbol on the ground, giving allies the Vigor boon.


Wards—A ward is a marked area on the ground that stops enemies from passing through while allowing allies to move freely. For example, a staff-wielding guardian can create a Line of Warding in front of him that keeps enemies from reaching the allies behind him.


Aegis—Guardians are adept in the use of Aegis, a removable boon that blocks the next attack. Guardians have access to this boon through the virtue of Courage.


For more information on the Guardian including the complete list of Skills, Weapons and Virtues, please visit the official guildwars 2 website

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