New Dynasty, The First Expansion to Conquer 2.0

TQ’s epic MMO of Conquer Online has entered its 5th year. Our development team is devoted to constantly providing fresh and exciting gameplay experiences for all our players. Now, the first expansion to Conquer Online 2.0, New Dynasty, is revealed! In this exciting expansion, players can find many brand-new features such as:

1. New log-in interface;
2. Cool, new hairstyles;
3. A level 120 shield which warriors have waited years for, plus more equipment.
4. A brand-new character class
5. And much, much more…

We will update these new features gradually. The new interface has been introduced and we will release new hairstyles in the following week (see below for details).

We hope players can enjoy their new journeys in the New Dynasty!

New Dynasty Hairstyles
To customize your character in Conquer, we are pleased to announce the arrival of all new hair styles! 10 more brand-new hairstyles are available from the Twin City Barber!

The Barber (Twin City 412,376) will serve you at any time. A New Dynasty Hairstyle is worth 10,000 silver. You can try on every hairstyle till you are satisfied.

Nearby, the storekeeper (Twin City 415,351) sells 7 kinds of hair dyes. These dyes are cheap and will color your new hairstyle! Below are some samples.

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