New racer customization available for Quantum Rush

Quantum Rush

Today, the GameArt Studio team has released a new video for fans and beta testers of the online future racer, Quantum Rush, that is currently in closed beta.

In the video, you see a customization feature that will soon make it into the closed beta: Racer skins. Players will be able to choose between a variety of different skins, and, on some of these skins, it will be possible to adjust the colors. They also point out that more and more skins will become available over time.

Apart from racer skins, the team currently plans the following additional customization options: Players will be able to replace their racer’s standard cockpit with a cockpit in their favorite color, there will be numerous decals to choose from and they will even introduce a variety of underbody lights. Taking all these options into account, there will be hundreds of possible configurations for each racer’s visual appearance.

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