New tournament system and new characters in Xenyoo!

The news tournament system in Xenyoo will launch today. And the developers also implemented finally five mystic new characters!

In the tournament system every player can take part with one team.
The one who will be undefeated for ten rounds, will be charted in the list of the winners and he will as well get a special powerful item! But as soon as he will loose a fight he will be withdrawn from the tournament again and he will also loose the item.
However, you may start over again as often as you like.
The tournament fights will be payed like league fights, but you will not able to win league points in them.

There are now also five new mystic characters with new skills and abilities and with which you maybe could try some new tactics… just try it!

And lastly there now also is a protection system that shall prevent players from pushing each other. So in non friendly fights one player now can challenge an other player at most ten times.

Have fun with the new changes!

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