No Man’s Sky Beyond Update Now Live

After a couple of weeks of teasing the massive No Man’s Sky update, Beyond, Hello Games has launched it – with massive patch notes to boot.

Beyond, which is flagged as Update 2.0, marks the third anniversary of No Man’s Sky. This massive update introduces full VR support, new multiplayer gameplay, fauna riding and farming, cooking, and countless numbers of quality life improvements across the spectrum.

No Man's Sky Heart GIF

Highlights of the update include:

  • Increased and seamless VR support, including improved controls;
  • Massive multiplayer improvements, expanding the maximum number of players, making a new multiplayer hub (the Space Anamoly), adding multiplayer missions, improving multiplayer encounters while exploring the galaxy;
  • Fauna can now be tamed, ridden, and harvested, with new ingredients being used in over 300 new cooking recipes;
  • New alien encounters, increased alien encounters including ambient NPCs on the surface, new interactions, and new language;
  • New base technology including powering, logic, industrial options; new base parts; new ways to scale and rotate base parts;
  • Technology reworked into technology trees to allow players to choose their upgrade paths;
  • Improved mining mechanics, inventory limits, and new utility recipes;
  • Ability to install upgrades in parts (similar to starship repairs), and ability to move technology to different slots once installed.

For full update notes, read the Beyond Update patch notes.

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